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(Survey of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering School Graduate Students Education)

The education of graduate students in our school covers two fields: science and engineering, conferring doctoral degree in one primary discipline level, chemistry, 8 secondary discipline levels, and master degree in 11 programs, one post doctor station as well. It has formed a complete system of cultivation.

At present, among the faculty and staff members, there are one academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 6 pluralistic academicians, one specially employed professor in “Changjiang Scholars Awarded Program” by ministry of education, 2 winners of “Prominent Youth Funds”, and one specially employed professor of Mount Tai Scholars of Shandong Province. Totally, there are 32 doctoral instructors and 9 invited doctoral instructors.

The system of teaching and research is advanced, and achievement is distinguished. It has 2 national key labs, Key Lab of Colloid & Interface Chemistry, Ministry of Education, and Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials, Shandong Province Key Major of Physical Chemistry; undertakes and participates “863”, “973”, “Climbing Projection”, National Natural Science foundation of China”, and other dozens of programs of nation and province. We published papers, which were included in SCI, 200 per year, and achieved scientific research funds more than 10,000,000 per year. Now there are 350 students reading for master degree, more than 170 in doctoral programs. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering School has become an important base for outputting highly educated students in Chemistry.

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